True Paste Help

A tool for storing and quick pasting of frequently used texts

True Paste Settings

True Paste settings are very simple. You can define the action on chink double click (Edit or Paste chunk), a hotkey to open True Paste, and some other options.

The two options must be described more detailed:

  • Delay before paste – with this option True Paste makes a delay before text pasting. Some applications need some time before they can process clipboard operations. Default delay is 20 milliseconds. If True Paste can’t paste text into some applications, try to increase "Delay before paste" value
  • Delay after switch window – Before pasting text and posting keys pressing, True Paste switches into the application window. This option defines the delay after True Paste switched the window. If you find some applications don’t react on keys pressing defined in the chunk, try to increase this delay.

Chunks syntax

The chunks contain the text you want to insert into other applications. In additional to the text you can add the key pressing tags. All keys pressing tags are enclosed into the square with key code or key name inside: 

Text[TAB]with tab

Keys pressing tags

True Paste supports some type of keys pressing tags (tags).

  1. Named tags with key name inside. Example [TAB]. You can view all supported names under “Insert key” button in the popup menu.
  2. Tags with key code. These tags begin with "[\". Example (press F1): [\x70], [\122]. You can use decimal or heximal (\x70) key code.  All supported key codes can be found here:
  3. Simple letters tags. These tags are the simple notation for letters keys pressing. Example: [*A] – press "A" key
  4. Special sleep tag. Example [SLEEP250] – wait 250 milliseconds before future processing. Some applications need some time to react to the key pressing, so insert this tag if you need a delay before posting other keys/text to application.

How True Paste inserts text and key pressing

The text is inserted via clipboard, you the last inserted text will be in the clipboard and you can paste it again without True Paste. If the chunk contains key pressing tags, the text between tags is inserted separately. Note, the tags [CTRL], [SHIFT], [ALT] and [WINDOW] work as a switch. The first appearance in the chunk text generates "key down" event, the second – "key up". Before pasting text all keys are switched into "key up" state.